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Machine for filling carbonated and non-carbonated drinks

Offer type: salePublished: 11.04.2013
Seller:Turketi Natal'ya
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Address:Russian Federation
Peter Binder GmbH supplies filling machines of the rotary type for producers of large quantities of products.
Automatic triblock rinsing, Isobaric filling and capping, the MEC model ISO's 20/24/4V/4C is suitable for filling carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks champagne in a glass container and then sealing screw aluminum cap or kranepool.
Packaging type: glass bottle has a cylindrical shape.
The bottle diameter: 55-100 mm
Bottle height: 180-340 mm.
The inner diameter of the bottle neck: 17 mm
The diameter of the injector: 7 mm
A cap type: screw aluminum cap/kronenprobki.
The filling temperature: 0 / + 4°C (for carbonated liquids).
The movement of containers: from left to right.
Working height: 1050mm +/- 50 mm
Chain conveyor: stainless steel, step - 38,1 mm, width 82,5 mm
Conveyor belt: stainless steel, 100x100mm.
Voltage: 380V/50Hz /24V.
The machine is designed for filling glass bottles cylindrical shape of the same size and for capping aluminum screw cap or kranepool the same size.
Bottling equipment supplied by Peter Binder GmbH, made in accordance with the European standards and equipped with the necessary safety systems.