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Savings of fuel consumption

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:280 UAH
Company:Forever Freedom International
Seller:FFI Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

MPG-CAPS ™ is designed to 850-1050 liters of gasoline. 500-800 litres of diesel fuel.
MPG-CAPS™ capsules in the blister pack with 10 PCs, Most are easy to handle and convenient to store small portions in a car for an unscheduled refueling on the way. There is a special dispenser for correct dividing the tablet into pieces for small gas stations fuel in the tank. Are mainly designed for passenger cars and small-volume engine.

One pill lasts for an average of 100 liters of gasoline.
MPG-CAPS™ is not additive to fuel. MPG-CAPS™ is not clean and does not harm the fuel system, because dissolving in the fuel, uses it as a transport to get into the combustion chamber. Active elements MPG-CAPS™ begin to operate only when the ignition.

MPG-CAPS™ is desirable to add to toplivnyy tank immediately before Sapucai fuel (for he did not remain in the pipe wall of the filler neck, and was swept away into a tank of jet fuel from the gun).

The first application (1st tank) 1 tablet at 45-55 gallons of gasoline or 40-50 liters of diesel fuel.
From the second tank 0.5 tablets at 45-55 gallons of gasoline or 40-50 liters of diesel fuel.
We select the optimum dosage yourself.
At a temperature of +20C a tablet dissolved in gasoline 3-4 hours in an oil 6-8 hours. In the cold time of dissolution may increase significantly.

Recommended is ALWAYS to crush MPG-CAPS™, or pre-dissolved in a small amount of fuel (as in almost any fuel tank has water, CAPS with "the fall" may not be able to dissolve in the fuel and fall into the water, which is not soluble).