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Gentamicin sulfate (made in China)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
The organization delivers and implements Gentamicin sulfate (made in China).
Gentamicin Sulfate is an antibacterial drug belonging to the group aminoglycoside antibiotics produced Miсromonospora purpurea.
The drug is a white or yellowish crystalline powder with a characteristic odor.
Gentamicin sulfate has a broad spectrum antimicrobial action, active against most gram-negative to gram-positive microorganisms, including Proteus, Escherichia, Salmonella, and staphylococci. The antibiotic has no effect on anaerobic bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa.
After intramuscular injection, gentamicin sulfate quickly absorbed into the blood and into the organs and tissues, the maximum blood concentration is achieved within 1 hour after injection. After a single injection of a therapeutic concentration of drug in the body lasts for 8-12 hours after administration. When oral administration the drug is practically not absorbed from gastrointestinal tract and exerts its effect only in the intestine in within 12 hours, provided mainly in the faeces.
- Method of application and dose: Gentamicin sulfate is used to treat respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, sepsis, pneumonia, empyema, peritonitis, meningitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis and other animal diseases caused by susceptible to the antibiotic the microorganisms.
The solution gentamicin sulfate is prepared using water for injection (concentration up to 4%) and is administered intramuscularly or orally twice a a day at intervals of 10-12 hours.
Use gentamicin inside the group with a mixture of conc. food from the calculation in accordance with the recommended dosage.
- Waiting period: the Slaughter of animals for meat is allowed not earlier than 45 days after cessation of the drug. Meat animals had killed before the expiration of the specified term, may be used for feeding carnivorous animals or for the production of meat and bone meal.