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Zirconium (IV) oxide CRB-1 (GOST 21907-76)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Our company supplies a zirconium (IV) oxide CRB-1 (GOST 21907-76).
1. Chemical formula: ZrO2;
2. Appearance: white powder with a yellowish or grayish the tone, not the content. prying fur. inclusions, scale, cleca, pellets;
3. Fraction of total mass of doukisa of Zirconia and hafnium, not less than 99.4% of;
4. Mass fraction of aluminum oxide, not more than 0,03%;
5. Mass fraction of iron oxide, not more than 0,05%;
6. Mass fraction of calcium oxide, not more than 0,03%;
7. Mass fraction of magnesium oxide, not more than 0,02%;
8. Mass fraction of silica, not more than 0,2%;
9. Mass fraction of titanium dioxide not more than 0,1%;
10. Mass fraction of phosphorus pentoxide, not more than 0,15%;
11. Mass fraction of sulfur in terms of SO3, max - 0,18%;
12. Fraction of total mass of the oxides of sodium and potassium, not more than 0,02%;
13. Loss on ignition not more than 0.5%;
14. The remainder when sifting on sieve No. 0315 GOST 4601-73, no more than 0.5%;
15. The remainder when sifting on sieve No. 056 GOST 4601-73 is missing.
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