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The pipe of the air-conditioning in all the diameters of the price of the dog.

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:OOO ,,Stal' Soyuz,,
Seller:Koval' Dmitrij
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Diameter (mm) wall Thickness

1/4 (6.35 mm) 0.76 mm
3/8 (9,52 mm) 0.81 mm
1/2 (12.7 mm) 0.81 mm
Copper tube for air conditioning is one of the most important materials used in the installation of the air conditioner of any type and modification. The air-conditioning pipe is resistant to corrosion and the action of the refrigerant, and its easy soldering process and rolling greatly simplifies the installation and connection of the various elements in the air-conditioning system.
Normative documents:
GOST 617-2006 copper and brass Tubes of circular cross section for General purposes.
DSTU GOST 617:2007 Pipes MDN Laton round perers Zagallo priznatelnost.
TU U 27.4-00195452-015-2003 Tubes, rods, strips & sheets from special grades of copper.
BS EN 12449:1999 Copper and copper alloys. Seamless, round tubes for General purposes.
DINEN 13601:2002 Copper and copper alloys. Rods and copper wire for electrical applications.
DIN EN 1057:2006 Copper and copper alloys. Round pipes seamless copper water and gas sanitary purposes and heating.
DIN EN 12735-1:2001 Copper tube for air conditioner
DIN EN 12735-2:2001 Copper tube for air conditioner
M1, MF, Ì1ð, M2, Ì2ð, M3, Mr with the chemical composition according to GOST 859-2001 (DSTU GOST 859:2003)
Cu-DHP with the chemical composition according to BS EN 12449:1999
Cu-FRTP, Cu-DLP, Cu-DHP, E-Cu57 according to TU U 27.4-00195452-015-2003
Cu-DHP with the chemical composition according to DIN EN 1057:2006
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