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Castle door CBN Granite sell buy Kiev to install

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:346 UAH
Company:Servis-tsentr zamkov
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine


Castle door CBN Granite

Mortise lock for doors reinforced borazon Granite right under traction.

222-50-39, 067-465-71-88 Andrew.

The bars of the lock - 3 steel cylindrical rod with a diameter of 18 mm, the departure 40 mm

Full locking of the lock mechanism 4 half - latch diameter 18.6 mm

Additional bolt (nightlight) one course -- steel rod with a diameter of 18 mm, exit 21 mm, is used as a valve, operated by a handle-spinner from the inner side of the door

Protection from criminal hacking, drilling , sawing beams, extrusion.

H-sided locking system ("crab") - there are special "ears" for attaching the rods vertical locking. Vertical thrust is moved simultaneously with the main bars of the lock when the locking of the lock key. The castle is designed to \

install left-hand door

Standard lever key, key length 92 mm (castle key butterfly buy Kyiv)

Complete 5 keys, sealed in opaque plastic packaging.

Will sell the castle door CBN Granite right 1.06.43 Kiev

Mortise lock borazon Granite 1.06.43 Kiev buy price

Lock door lever CBN to buy a set to change Kyiv price urgently

The lock was broken, the CBN to change quickly lock)

Set to change the embed castle CBN Granite Irpin, Kyiv Bucha Boyarka Vyshgorod cherry Brovary, Vorzel Borispol to change to change the key lock Elbor