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Sell gas meters RG (similar GSB-400)

Offer type: продамPublished: 26.06.2020
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Sell gas meters RG (similar GSB-400).
A complete set. GOS. the calibration. The guarantee. Shipping.

Meter drum with liquid shutter RG is intended for laboratory measurement of small volumes of gas, which are not aggressive to the materials of the rotor and the housing, made of brass.
The operating conditions of the meter: ambient air and the gas to be measured from 10 to 35C, relative humidity up to 80% at the temperature of 25 ° C, maximum operating pressure up to 5890 RA (600 mm H2O).
The effects of shaking, vibration and impact shock on the counter when the operation is not allowed.


Accuracy class 1.0.
The limit values of the relative error no more than +/- 1% in operating conditions during the measurement of gas volume at least 13 dm3.
Gas consumption: minimum 5 dm3/h , maximum 750 dm3/h.
The sensitivity threshold of no more than 4 dm3/h.
Capacity roller reading device 999999 dm3.
The price of dividing the first digital video 1 dm3.
Capacity dial reading device 5 dm3.
Graduation dial reading device of 0.02 dm3.
The pressure loss in the counter with a maximum consumption of gas is not more than 118 RA (12 mm H2O).
The deviation of the pressure loss in the counter with a maximum gas pressure of not more than 49 RA (5mm H2O).
The meter case is sealed at a pressure of gas 11780 RA (1200 mm H2O).
Maximum operating pressure gas to RA (600 mm H2O).
The dimensions of the counter is not more HH mm.
Meter weight without packing liquid is not more than 6 kg.


meter RG 1 piece
thermometer TL-6 (0+55C) 1 piece
manovacuummeter MV-1000 1pcs.
cover 1 piece
gasket 1 piece
cuff 1 piece
fitting 1pc.
the rubber tube (dia. 10mm), L=100mm 1pc.
passport 1ekz.
technical description and instruction manual 1 copy

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