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Compressor oil COP-19

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Stanislav Alekseev Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Compressor oil designed for lubrication of reciprocating compressors medium and high pressure. Depending on what is required to compressor oil, and in which areas it will be introduced, compressor oils are divided into different classes: - compressor oil designed for lubrication of reciprocating and rotary compressors; - compressor oil designed to ensure efficiency of turbo-machines; - compressor oil designed for lubrication of parts and components of refrigeration compressors. Compressor oil-oriented piston and rotary compressors, in the course of their work are in direct contact with the gas. In reciprocating compressors, compressor oil falls mainly the task of ensuring the lubrication of cylinders and valves. In addition, compressor oil is used for sealing the compression chamber. There are two types of implementation grease - combined, when in addition to the compressor oil used industrial oils. Reciprocating and rotary compressor oil must be stable to the temperatures and oxidation, to the formation of coke-like deposits. In compressors of refrigerating machines is assumed continuous contact of compressor oil and refrigerant, when there are constant changes in temperature and pressure surges. Mineral and synthetic oils used as a compressor oil must have a low melting point and chemical stability of the composition.