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the vacuum evaporation system station unity 200 as at WHD su 500 vs equipment stillage processing

Offer type: salePublished: 21.04.2019
Price:250 000 RUR
Company:spd evroliniya
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Address:Oryol, Russian Federation, Orlovskaya Oblast'

the company offers double-hulled complete vacuum evaporation install the UNITY of the MSS 200 . installation team will install and run with delivery of the finished product automatic Refractometer with system automation. at your request, the buffer capacity of the pump screw , primary tubular sterilizer heater and heat exchanger . pump unloading of finished product and capacity cumulative . the ability to install a counter-current and direct-flow type .
product concentration : pasta puree squash jam sugar syrup sorghum syrup maltose corn .
dehydration solutions
boiling at low temperatures herbal raw material extraction extract
offer equipment full line of processing waste , by-products of the production of ethyl alcohol distillery . full utilization of stillage from getting dry.
1. trehkorpusny evaporation plant vs 500 (Tiraspol). application - concentration , a concentration of distillery stillage supernatant from 3 to 30, and 45% of dry matter. station continuous operation, easy to maintain and reliable.
the amount of evaporated moisture 16000 liters per hour. the installation is complete .
2. mixer one stripped off ready product with cecom mash and fed to the drying unit.
3. drying unit
produce delivery, installation and commissioning in Russia .
provide specialist varshika .