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secrets of the beekeeper Krivchikov

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:30 UAH
Company:TOV Pchela
Seller:Mihail Dantes
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Your bees can give honey two to three times more than they get now. But how to do it You will be taught the beekeeper professional Krivchikov centuries, all knowledge is available to everyone who wants them. And all this can be done directly from your computer sitting in a convenient chair. Video provided to improve knowledge beekeepers lover and transition in category beekeeper professional. Video course has a lot of useful information, which can be seen only here. No wonder people say it is better to see once than 100 times to hear or read. 12 drives the cost of the disk 30 UAH, the cost of the video course 300 gr. View time 35 hours 1 Book my attitude to beekeeping . 2 2 hull hive . 3 Methodsto . 4 Scheme of maintenance and breeding of bees. 5 -6 improving the quality of bee colonies PM 1 2 clamps 7-8-9 Ahead of time hours 1-2-3. 10-11-12 Breeding in the apiary hours 1-2-3. Post delivery, payment after receiving disk drives cost + shipping cost. When buying 10 CDs and more cost disk 25 gr., when buying 25 or more drive the cost of the disk 20 gr. . The wholesale cost of all 50 disks - 121.725 GB., while browsing 129 h 10 m - 1000 gr. free delivery by post For more information and your wishes You can get to call (050)58-57-666, (097)95-19-729 Michael ate. hell., zweite and we will take the best decision of Your order .