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Dyes for dyeing artificial colors

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Predprinimatel' Skopyuk V.P.
Seller:Ckopyuk Vladimir PETROVICh
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Address:Ukraine, Volyns'ka Oblast', Novovolyns'k
Dyes for dyeing artificial colors and materials for their manufacture. RANGE: CATIONIC DYES 1. Cationic orange B. 20kg 2. Cationic pink 2C B. 20kg 3. Cationic purple 3RN B. 25kg 4. Cationic blue 5G B. 25kg 5. Cationic red GRL B. 25kg 6. Cationic red 4Z B. 25kg 7. Cationic red I Cor.25kg 8. Cationic blue B. 25kg 9. Cationic blue (liquid) MK.30-10kg BASIC DYES 1. Main purple To 2. Basic blue (Viktoria Blue R, India) B. 50 kg 3. Basic yellow To B. 25-40 kg 4. Auramin B. 35-75 kg 5. The Rhodamine G 6. The rhodamine G, analytical grade Booth. 100 g 7. Rhodamine 6g, analytical grade Booth. 100 g 8. Rhodamine (In) 9. The main bright green 10. Chrysoidin B. 25-40kg 11. Malachite green 12. Basic orange (liquid) (C. I. Basic orange 2), (ZENECA, UK) 11. Basic bright green (liquid) (Ciba)