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The Indies. The molybdenum. The bismuth. Selenium. Niobium. The tantalum. The tungsten. The cobalt. The Nickel. Nichrome, and other metals and alloys

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Organization sells non-ferrous and Rare earth metals:

The tungsten. Niobium. The tantalum. Selenium. The cobalt. The Indies. The tin. The Titan.

Molybdenum: sheet, rod, wire, circle, tape.

Nickel: in the rental range .

Nichrome wire: HN; HN.

Thermocouple: Chromel. Alumel. Copel, Monel.

Tungsten electrodes: VA, VL, LIGHT, BP, and others.

Niobium: sheet, strip, rod, tube.

Bismuth all brands.

Indium: In, In, In.

Selenium OFS.

Solders on the basis of: indium, Tin, Bismuth and Antimony.

Solder: POI-52, the AKP, PQS, rose wood.

Printing the alloy. The zinc. Chrome.

Monel, Copel, Nickel Silver, Nickel Silver, Constantan.

Precision alloys: 79nm; NS; 50N; 36nhtyu; 36N; 29nk; 32nkd, and others.

Copper: The cathodes, Anodes, circles, leaves, tires.

Consider any suggestions on Your conditions.

Phone: 050 - 3119230; 096-7673327 ; 044-5993812