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Vacuum pumps AP, NSL, DWN (NVD), NVR, NVDM, NVBM, vacuum valves and other

Offer type: salePublished: 14.04.2022
Company:FLP Chumak Oleg Anatol'evich
Seller:Chumak Oleg Anatol'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

1. Pumps vacuum spool AP-A, AP-A, AP-90 AP-D,
2. Vacuum pumps rotary vane HBP-1D, HBP-1,25, HBP-DM, NVR-16, NITR-16.
3. Vacuum pumps double DWN-50 ( NBD-200 ), DN-150 ( NVD-600 ), DN-500, DN-1500.
4. Pumps vacuum diffusion NVDM-100, NVDM-160, NVDM-250,
NVDM-400, NVDM-100, H-250, n.
5. Pumps vacuum booster NVBN-160, NVBN-250, NVBN-400.
Warranty service. All pumps are tested for vacuum posts And checked vacuummeter type BT-6 to Bolotnikova pumps and Nosov type HBP and DVD.
Validation of diffusion pumps and booster is a vacuum gauge type W-3.
6. Valves vacuum eel-100, eel-160, eel-250, eel-400, eel-630.
7. Valve vacuum CWR-25, CWR-63, CWR-100, GRP-25, GRP-63, GRP-100,
BR Ø10, Ø20, KVM 25, KVM 63, the CDE-25, the CDE-63, the CDE-100, VEP-63,
KEUN-63, Sapl-100.
Diagnostics of electric and electromagnetic vacuum valves. Advice on the selection of the vacuum shut-off valve.
8. The vacuum gauge W-6, VIT, VIT-3, RUE 4.1.
9. Lamp vacuum SIP-2, PMT-2,PMT-4M, PMT-6.
10. The vacuum oil VM
11. Repair of vacuum pumps AP. Valve replacement, mechanical rubber goods, replacement parts guide, Plunger, an eccentric Cam.
12. Repair of vacuum pumps NVRAM, NWR,25, NVR-16, DFN-50 (NBD-200), DN-150 (NVD-600), DN-500, DN-1500.