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A sheet of PVC (vinyl liner)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Sheet PVC

Sheet polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid - extrusion sheet with a matte or glossy surface is homogeneous and rigid structure. In the production of PVC rigid sheet it adds various dyes, stabilizers and other additives, which give the material a high resistance to UV and improve the strength of PVC sheet. Solid plastic sheet has the properties: inert to chemical attack, not inflammable, does not support combustion, pliable under heat treatment, with good strength properties. Of PVC sheet has a chemical resistance to nitric acid and chromic anhydride (unlike polypropylene and polyethylene). This determines the main field of application of PVC sheet.


Scope primeneniyu industry:

- tanks for corrosive substances, including nitric acid and chromic anhydride;

- electroplating and etching baths, including chromium plating bath;

- air ducts, side suction, ventilation system as a whole;

- waterproofing of concrete, metal containers;

- filter plates, parts of pumps and valves;

- flanges, covers, latches.


Scope primeneniyu construction:

- in sandwich panels;

- in the construction of partitions;

- creating elements of the ventilation;