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Washing machine with centrifuge Cleanvac automatic Combi

Offer type: salePublished: 14.12.2019
Price:16 500 $
Company:'Cleanvac Ukraina'
Seller:Aleksandr Pavlovich
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Machine for washing carpets with the centrifuge provides automatic cleaning and washing of carpets followed by drying.
Feature set - a combination of two machines in one housing provides compactness and ease of maintenance. Manufacturer Cleanvac - a leading Turkish company specializing in the production of equipment for washing of carpets and many devices for cleaning and cleaning both indoors and on the street.
The combination of a latex table and automatic centrifuges. Model BRS-COMBI with ergonomic design, durable chrome housing, parts of stainless steel and advanced technology. We offer a practical solution for businesses that want to quickly wash the carpets and that has limited area to accommodate the equipment. In addition, this type of machine with conveyor belt is very practical and reduces considerably the working time for washing of carpet

Maximum quality cleaning
Easy to use and maintain
Save up to %80 on water, detergents and labor
Washing and wringing carpets to 600-1500 m2 per day.
Achieved dryness minimum 95%
Quiet smooth operation
Technonogy priemyselnej coatings prevents wear of the drum and covers
Self-regulating, externally-powered, single control panel
Washing method when compressing
Model COMBI B-260, COMBI B-320, B COMBI-420
Total capacity (kW) 15KW - 16.1 KW
Voltage - Frequency (V-Hz) 380 V-50Hz
Mechanical properties
Number of brushes for the disc drive units 4 - 5
Max. Carpet width (cm) 260 cm - 320 cm - 420 cm
The belt speed m/min 0-7 m/min
The brush rotation speed (rpm)- 140 rpm
Cleaning properties
Water consumption 24-60 l/m2, 25-50 l/m2 26 to 40 l/m2
Speed wash 85-112 m2/min, 110-141 m2/min, 140-165 m2/min
Technical characteristics of the centrifuge
The engine speed 1400 rpm
The speed of rotation of the drum - 1200 rpm
Max. The length of the drum -270 cm, 320 cm, 420 cm
The diameter of the inner drum 38 cm - 40 cm
Drum material - Stainless Steel
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