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Concentrate based on soybean for cattle

Offer type: salePublished: 23.03.2019
Price:30 UAH
Seller:Mashkov Andrej A
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Soy concentrate is high protein, purified, product of soybean meal with high content of crude protein (to 68%).

Concentrate nourishes the body, young growing animals, amino acids,organic does not cause a violation of the digestive tract, allergic reactions, utilized 100%.


- For 7-10 days at a minimum cost;

- Increases milk yield and fat content of milk in cows and goats;

- Increases the gain in live weight of young bulls, cattle due to high digestible protein;

- Contributes to the effective mass increase without the use of very expensive supplements.

Price: protein, 55-58% --- 29,95 UAH. kg

protein 64-68% --- 39,95 UAH. Kg

when you purchase 3 bags of 1kg. lysine +methionine 1kg.!!!