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Tillers Profi 1030+adapter+plow+mill

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2018
Price:11 500 UAH
Company:OOO Pritsep-Servis
Seller:Puchin Dmitrij
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The main advantages of walking tractor PROFI 1030 (8,5 HP.): The differential for easy turning and maneuvering Headlight for working in the dark Four-stroke petrol engine with a 5 by-pass channels; Decompression valve for easier starting; Effective anti-vibration system; Thoughtful optimally convenient gas connection; Huge wheels 6,5x12 Manufacturer of walking tractor PROFI 1030 8,5 HP: PROFI™ GMBH Germany (Germany, Japan) Features Main Manufacturer Profi Country proizvoditelyami Timetables Type digitalinsanity The number передач2 forward/1 back Warranty period 24(months) Sosteniendo Characteristics of the internal combustion engine Engine power 8.5(HP) In the present adapter, the plough and the active mill. Delivery to all regions of the country according to the customer's address.