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The lathe 1k62

Offer type: salePublished: 29.03.2018
Price:4 200 UAH
Seller:polikov sergij
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Machine 1k62 lathe, lathe, screw-cutting 1k62 , headstock lathe 1k62, caliper 1k62, 1k62 tool post,saddle top small 1k62,caliper lower 1k62, tailstock lathe 1k62, gearbox Norton lathe 1k62, apron machine 1k62, jk[ shaft the machine 1k62, Jeka Jk parts 1k62 lathe, steady rest lathe 1k62, The screw nut tailstock 1K62-03-No. 37/16 (length: 399 mm) , Screw with nut carriage 1K62.05.50.21/22 (F22) (length L: 730mm) , Screw with nut caliper 1K62-04-22/16 (length: 294 mm) , Screw running 1K62-11-21 (710mm RMC) (RMC=710 mm) , Uterine nut 1K62-06-63 (bronze) , Disk frictional external 1K62-02-206 , Disk friction internal 1K62-02-205 , The wedge carriage 1K62-05-47 , Wedge caliper 1K62-04-23 , The tape brake 1K62-02-213 , The tape brake 3rd axis 1K62-02-253 , Clutch friction in the collection of 1K62-02-310 , The pump plunger 1K62-02-76 , The tailstock 1K62-03-36 (diameter of quill: 75 mm) , Gasket gearbox 1K62-02-288 , The toolholder Assembly 1K62-04-38 , Rake 1K62-11-32 L=291мм (RMC 1000mm) (L=291 mm, RMC=1000 mm) , Rake 1K62-11-33 L=705мм (RMC 710, 1000, 1400 mm) , 14 thrust axis 1K62 02-144 (weight: 0.9 kg) , Apron Assembly 1K62-06-01 , Pulley main drive 1K62-02-362 (cast iron) (for d=255 mm) , The spindle 1K62-02-130 (bar capacity: 45 mm) , Clutch 1K62-06-105 , Tailstock , The quill Assembly 1K62-03-300СБ (diameter of quill: 75 mm) , Strap clamping 1K62-03-13 (casting SCH15 GOST 1412-79) , Pinol tailstock Assembly (diameter of the quill: 80 mm) , Pinol tailstock Assembly (diameter of the quill: 80 mm) , Protector 1K62-03-25 , Protector 1K62-03-26 , Arm 1K62-03-17 (for manual clamping RAM construction) , Arm 1K62-03-21 (for fasten the tailstock on the frame) , The lever 1K62-03-35 , Frame , Shaft running 1K62-11-25 (RMC 1000mm, L=1708мм) (RMC=1000 mm) , Shaft running 1K62-11-26 (RMC 1400mm, L=2108мм) (RMC=1400 mm) , Screw running 1K62-11-22 (1000mm RMC) (RMC=1000 mm) , Pulley 1K62-11-57 (d=57 L=84 mono) (the diameter D: 95 mm) , Shaft running 1K62-11-24 (RMC 710mm, L=1418мм) (RMC=710 mm) , Cushion 1K62-11-30 , Screw running 1K62-11-23 (1400mm RMC) (RMC=1400 mm) , Pulley 1K62-11-56 (d=157 L=37 mono) (the diameter D: 157 mm , Carriage , Screw carriage 1K62-05-50 (L=730, d=26mm) with no nuts (