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The charge controller ASM 5024 Z

Offer type: salePublished: 29.03.2018
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When you use solar panels as an energy source, it is necessary to regulate the charging current in accordance with voltage of the battery. This model controller is equipped with a handy display where you can monitor all operational parameters of the system. The controller optimizes battery charging and the unique control technology, prolongs battery life and improves system performance.

protect the battery from overcharging
protection against reverse polarity of solar battery
automatic lock Mode “internal protection”, if the current exceeds the speed controller
auto-lock “self-protection Mode”, when a short circuit occurs
protection from lightning strikes
automatic temperature compensation
the LCD screen displays charge current, discharge current and battery voltage every 5 seconds
continuous number of charge and discharge current battery hours
automatic configuration of charge-on/off load-on/off voltage depending on voltage level of the battery
manual adjustment of charge-on/off and load-on/off voltage (option).


Rated voltage (V) 12/24 (auto)
Rated current of charge of the storage battery, (A) 50
Voltage of solar batteries (V) less than or equal to 50
Charging voltage (set), (In) 13.8/27.6
Protection from low voltage (set), (In) 10.7/21.4
Losses without load (mA) less than or equal to 30
The voltage drop of circuit (mV) less than or equal to 170
Charging mode: PWM mode
Temperature compensation: -4mV/Cell / º C
Operating temperature: -10 º C ~ 60 º C
Storage temperature: -30 º C ~ 70 º C
Humidity: less than or equal to 90%,

Dimensions (mm) 130x188x62
Distance of mounting holes (mm) 60х178
Weight (kg) 0,65

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