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Coil for contactor, relay, starter

Offer type: salePublished: 12.04.2019
Company:Ooo Koemz
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
KOEMZ sells:
Coil for contactor CT-6013 220V 380V coil for CT-6023 220V 380V coil for CT-6033 220V 380V coil for CT-6043 220V 380V coil for CT-6053 220V 380V coil for CT-6063 220V 380V coil for KTP-6013 220V, coil for KTP-6023 220V, coil for KTP-6033 220V, coil for KTP-6043 220V, coil for KTP-6053 220V, coil for ktpv-621 CPV-602 220V, coil for ktpv-622 CPV-603220В coil for ktpv-623 220V coil for the CPV-604 220V, coil for ktpv-624 220V coil for the CPV-605 220V, coil for MO-100 МО100 coil for MO-200 МО200 coil for MO-300 МО300 coil for the MIS-1100, the coil for the MIS-2100 coil for the MIS-3100, coil for MIS-4100, coil for MIS-5100, the coil for the MIS-6100, coil for cap-121 cap-121Е coil for KPD-110, a coil for KPD-113, a coil for KPD-114, КТК1 for coil-20, coil for contactor MK1, the MK2 coil, the MK3 coil, the coil MK4, coil MK5, MK6 coil.
Coil for relay REV-811 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-812 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-813 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-814 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-815 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-816 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-817 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-818220В 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-821 220V 110V 48V 24V coil for relay REV-822220В 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-825, the coil for relay REV-827, the coil for relay REV-830, the coil for relay REV-881 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-882 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-883 220V 110V 48V 24V coil relay REV-884 220V 110V 48V 24V.
Coil for starter PAI-300, the coil for the starter PAI-400, a coil for starter PAI-500, coil for contactor PAI-600, coil for actuator PME-111, a coil for actuator PME-211, coil for contactor, PMA-3000, coil for contactor, PMA-4000, coil for contactor PML, coil for contactor ПМ12-010, coil for contactor ПМ12-025, coil for contactor ПМ12-040 coil for starter ПМ12-063 coil to starter ПМ12-100, coil for starter ПМ12-125, the coil of the starter ПМ12-160, the coil for the starter ПМ12-250.
The flexible connection of the feeder pigtail for contactor KT-6023, feeder for CT-6033, pigtail for CT-6043, feeder for CT-6053, pigtail for CT-6063, a feeder for ktpv-621, pigtail for ktpv-622, the feed-ktpv-623, pigtail for ktpv-624, the feeder for the CPV-602, a pigtail for the CPV-603, the feeder for the CPV-604, pigtail for the CPV-605, the feed-efficiency-121, pigtail for KPD-113, the feed-efficiency-114.
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