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The machine Cosma U9, Cosma RF6, lathe, grinding

Offer type: salePublished: 28.03.2018
Price:30 000 $
Seller:Susuz Embiya
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Address:Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast', Zhmerynka
Woodworkers COSMA U9 (2), COSMA RF6, lathe, grinding, price is for all 5 machines

2 cosma u9 kurek Sapi makinasi, 1 cosma rf6 kopyali torna, 1 Zimpara, 1 torna satilik

1) Machine woodworking, milling machine COSMA U9
High-performance machine for the manufacture of cuttings and similar products of circular or conical section 18 to 58 mm in diameter
length from 45 cm up to 4 meters, and the cylindrical section unlimited long billets of square cross-section.
The maximum difference of the diameters of the same product of 20 mm.
The shape may be conical elements and bending at a slight angle (in the form of bending)
(machine has no function flexible)
Straight or curved handles of shovels, villas, rakes and brooms, the handles. Sports equipment ( throwing spears, pool cues, bats ). Blanks for Vienna chairs, railings and other roll-formed products.

2) Machine woodworking COSMA RF6. manufactured in Germany, Products:handle tools (hammer, axe), 800 mm
3) Lathe wood
4) Grinding machine