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Excavator EKG-5A,crusher,SBSH-250,spare parts

Offer type: salePublished: 28.03.2018
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Side part

Tension axis with bushings


Excavator EKG 5A 91 (capital repairs)

Gear z40 m20 (PP 1001.05.04)

Gear engine z20 m6

Gear engine z22 m8 (n. h 1080.05.372.K)

Shaft gear z11 m10 (PP 1041.11.04.K)

The shaft (PP 1041.06.122.K)

Shaft trehkletevoy

Shaft Shorty

Wheel gear z32 m26

Gear shaft z10 m20


Gear z110 m14

Gear z114 m20

Gear z12 m26

Gear shaft z110 mb 6/y

Gear shaft z16 m18

Bushing tension axis

Gear led

Hydraulic cylinder

Crusher SMD 111A

Crusher SMD 111B

Plate spacer (large) (PP 3440.00.009)

Crusher KMD 1750 (1998)

Crusher KMD 2200 (KAP. REM.) DM 68

Reservation 313, 703

Plate distribution of KSD 2200 gr

(n. h. DM And 05.002) (Russia)

Armor 502, 317, 415, 313, 203

Armor cone KMD 2200 h 1275.07.415-3K

Armor cone KMD 2200 h 1275.05.317, 415-3K

Crusher СМ16 (capital repairs)

The roar of GIL 42

Dispenser GIL 42

Frame feeder TK-2-24-70 with reducer (2006)

Plate feeder 2-18

Polyplastics feeder 1.18

Exhauster days 12,5

Shaft drive KSD 2200 h 1275.02.300

Cone crushing 1277.05.400

The eccentric shaft 3442.021.0023


Wheel gear 32/26 1001.06.04

Wheel gear 1041.11.01

Shaft veduchikh 1041.06.122

The rear wall of the bucket b/a

Gear 1080.12.26

Gear 1080.33.50

Val 5517

Shaft 3351

Sleeve stretch axis

The axis of the drum

Your booking movable 1275.05.317

Booking a fixed 1275.07.415

Your booking lower 1272.05.203

Booking a fixed 1273.07.305

Plate the distribution of DM 05.004

The swing motor DP 52 60 kV

5-timesindia Converter set

Engine of SMD 60 (rotation)

Winch lift b/y

Shaft insert (h n 1080.28.40)



The cable 39 (60 m)

Wheel bearing

Gear shaft

Revnitelspacious unit

Link crawler

Link crawler b/a

Bronze Head (set)

Final drive (kit)

Wheel matagne (set)

The shaft 111 SMD 180*


Cone crushing KMD 1750

Pump GBV 24

Drive shaft z=21 m=30

Lining СМ16 (set)

Lining СМД118 (thick. 50 mm)

Machine lifting mine 2Ц-4x1,8 (2001)

Wheel leading СБШ250

The shaft 110 SMD