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The battle of the graphite/graphite battle, the Electrodes, anodic battle, crucible battle. We are ready to buy

Offer type: otherPublished: 24.11.2019
Price:1 UAH
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Address:Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk

Battle graphite Buy/sell battle of graphite electrodes, Waste - expensive! Processing: Graphite, graphite battle, the battle of the anode and cathode. Different factions, any brand, in large volumes.

Constantly buy coal the fight and the stubs of graphite electrodes, obezjanku, Zelenka. Waste management of production, stock and graphite piles.

Purchase siliconized graphite: graphite electrodes (carbon 99%) and nipple to him, a diameter of 75 mm according to GOST 4426-76, electrodes, carbon, SK, VDK (incl. copper-plated). Structural grades of graphite in the blanks - GMZ, BCPs, 3ОПГ, MG, MG-1.

Buy surplus stock graphite grades АГ1500, AG-600, MPG-6, MPG-7, MPG-8, GMZ, MG-1, SOPG, AG-1500-B83, AG-1500-СО5, as well as other brands of graphite and carbon products.

Buy graphite can up to 300 tons. in a month, and to 200тн. coal battle, and can also purchase

- the anodes are of graphite, the battle of cathode lining, the fight of the graphite tile graphite, acid-resistant

- carbon rods, electrode diameter 100, 200, 300 three hundred, 500 and 600 and 610 with dumps

- the wreckage/battle stubs of electrodes, electrode carrots

- high-carbon material, graphite dust, naegleriasis

- cinder baked anodes, the stubs of anodes, graphite electrode.

- coal (pornografitti) blocks, lining blocks, blast blocks, battle bottom and side blocks

- graphite waste, graphite, graphite heat exchangers are new and acid, columns, graphite crucibles used, buy crucible after melting, either condition, graphite crucible

- articles of graphite, gravitonas

- very pure structural graphites ARV, MPG, GMZ, high purity, ISEM-3, fine-grained

To sell graphite, of any quality, as well as fittings for their own needs, the scrap value of graphite depends on the purity, quality and volumes. Possible samovyvoz, prepayment, bulkhead and loading on their own.

Do waste management, recycling, operating throughout Russia and Kazakhstan.

+7 (904) 307-43-14 Chelyabinsk, pickup from the MOQ is 500kg. To take graphite, coal blocks, fight/scrap graphite in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan. Payment, if large amounts of more expensive. Payment services intermediaries.