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Heat meters DN 15, 20

Offer type: salePublished: 24.03.2018
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Company:Zapadnaya Teplo Innovatsionnaya Kompaniya OOO
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Address:Ukraine, L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv


Counters of heat WMZ-UA can be used at the initial installation and replacement.

Advantages and distinctive properties of counters:

  • The heat meter is designed for commercial accounting of consumed thermal energy in closed heating systems in apartments, cottages and other buisness areas with a horizontal layout.
  • The heat meter consists of flow meter, calculator with thermocouples and is a single unit of accounting of thermal energy.
  • Heat meters correspond to DSTU EN 1434-1:2006.
  • Accuracy class 2 heat meters.
  • Class environmental conditions A. ambient Temperature 5...55 °C.
  • Temperature measurement takes place from 4 to 95 °C.
  • The temperature difference of the thermocouples from 3 to 70 K.
  • The heat meter records the influence of an external magnetic field of 100 MT.
  • In the meter's memory stores data for the last 10 years 18 months and 45 days.
  • The battery life at least 6 years.
  • The presence of optical port allows remote reading of data.
  • The limits of permissible relative error mychelleusa by the formula:


Technical specificationsEd.izm.DN 15DN 20DN 25nominal Continuous flow rate (qp)m3/h


1,51,52,53,5 the Upper limit of the nominal flow rate (qp)m3/H1,23,05,05,07,0 the Threshold of sensitivity in the horizontal
and vertical положениим3/N0,003Динамический range(qp/qi):-положеннии2550505050 horizontal-vertical положеннии1025252525Резьба on теплосчетчикедюймG 3/4-BG 1-BG 11/4-Brezina on штуцередюймR 1/2R 3/4R 1Длинна counter (L)мм110130160Длинна counter (L1) (with fittings)мм190228278Ширина counter (W)counter мм858585Высота (H)мм909095Высота counter (H1) (with lid)мм828287Масса counter without mounting штуцеровкг0,650,81,0 Weight meter with mounting штуцерамикг0,821,01,5

Calibration interval for heat meters - not more than 4 years