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Refrigeration rack BU Koxka

Offer type: salePublished: 10.04.2019
Price:350 EUR
Company:Nemetskie tehnologii
Seller:Sergej Yur'evich
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dniprodzerzhyns'k, Ukraine

Sell used slides Koxka refrigeration. Regal refrigeration firms Koxka is a very high quality refrigeration equipment supermarkets and large stores, working with remote system cooling. These vertical slides are made in the heat of Spain, so keep food chilled at the professional level. The width of the sections of shelving - 3,75 m, height - 2,15 m. All equipment is equipped with night blinds, to close the product in the Regal at night, keeping the cold.

Racks by default are white, and the front panel red, but they can be painted to any other color according to the customer. With restoration refrigeration vertical slide is more expensive.