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Copper powder superfine grade PPMVD 99.9% of

Offer type: salePublished: 23.03.2018
Price:450 UAH
Company:Rozrabotka i Vnedrenie Novyih Materialov
Seller:Cedov Danil Andreevich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Sell copper powder superfine grade PMVD. 99.9% uptime. Packaging jerrycans of 20 kg.
Powder from light to dark brown with a red tint without foreign inclusions.
Main applications PMVD:
- Powder metallurgy,
- in the electronic and electrical industry ( for the production of electronic circuits, micro wire, electrodes, electrical and thermal interface pastes.)
- in the chemical industry (for separation of sulphur from the associated gases, production of cosmetics)
in agriculture and animal husbandry (as an antibacterial and antifungal component of the seed treatment, as a mineral additive for animal food)
- in printing (screen printing)