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Distillation column

Offer type: salePublished: 23.03.2018
Price:1 500 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Artsyz

( strengthening column), column is stable without fluctuations
( a very successful model - large fridge distiller ),
Installed on large capacity 10 -100L.
1.Capacity: up to 3 liters per hour when heated, 1.5 kV,
Up to 6 liters per hour when heating 2.5 kV,
2.The percentage of yield of over 92% - 96%
3.The height of the column of 600 mm, diameter 28 mm.
4.The height of the fridge( distillator) 470 mm, diameter 22 mm.
5.The width of the columns 130mm
6.The diameter of the cooling fittings 6mm;
7.The diameter of the fitting withdrawal of the product 10mm
8.The entrance is under the thermometer is 6 mm.
9.Connector for connection to Cuba– threaded coupler 1 inch.
10.Water consumption liter 20-45/hour depending on the heat output
11.Made of copper KME Apso( Germany) - food
the wall thickness of 1 mm.
The set includes: Tap on the reflux condenser,two brass tee ,coupling PVC tube .
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May complement , tsargoj ( of any length ), stainless steel sponges, copper coil, thermostat, thermometer, lock for the column.