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Granstar analog (Grenadier)

Offer type: salePublished: 22.03.2018
Company:Al'yans Eko Agrogumat
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih

Herbicide Grenadier (similar to Granstar), D. V. tribenuron-methyl 750 g/kg, the MFR of Agrochemical technology

Purpose: systemic post-emergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds, including species resistant to 2,4-D in cereals crop.

Active substance: tribenuron-methyl, 750 g/kg

Physical form: water dispersible granules

Packaging: bottles of 500g

The mechanism of action of the drug: the active ingredient of the herbicide is absorbed primarily by the leaves and moves to the growing points of weeds, inhibiting the enzyme acetolactate synthase, thereby stopping cell division, causing their growth stops after a few hours after treatment. Visible symptoms appear 5-10 days after spraying. Complete destruction of weeds occurs in 14-21 days. Less sensitive weeds and remaining at a later stage of development, can not die, but their growth will stop – they will not compete with cultural plants in the consumption of nutrients and moisture.Warm weather increases the rate of herbicide action, cool and dry – slow it down.

Recommendations for use of the drug:

Culture Target impact The drug consumption rate, kg/ha The rate of flow of the working fluid
Winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley Annual and perennial dicotyledonous weeds, including resistant to 2,4-D 0,020-0,025 200-300 0,015

General guidelines for use of the drug: the drug is introduced by the method of ground spraying in the phase of 2-3 leaves to booting stage of spring barley and to the emergence of flag leaf in winter wheat. Most effective the drug acts on the early stages of growth and development of weeds: 3-6 true leaves for annual dicotyledonous, phase outlet for many years, phase 3-4 of the rings – cleavers. Spraying should be carried out at wind speed not more than 4-6 m/s. Rain for 3 hours after application can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the product. To expand the range of controlled dicotyledonous weeds perhaps the use of tank mixtures with half the consumption of herbicides based on active substances: 2,4-D, dicamba, thifensulfuron-methyl. In case of necessity to make tank mixtures with a herbicide application Grenadier should additionally check product for compatibility. In the case of high density of cereals or of severe infestation it is necessary to increase water consumption.

Attention! Avoid any working solution to neighboring cultures, sensitive to the herbicide.

Procedure preparation of working solution preparation: the water to prepare the working solution must be clean. A large number of foreign bodies, silt or clay in water can significantly affect the effectiveness of the herbicide. While using hard water it is recommended to use lower concentrations of the working solution and higher doses of the drug. The working solution is prepared immediately prior to herbicide treatment: measure out required quantity of the drug on one filling of the sprayer and fill the tank half way with water, then turn on the mixer. Then, pour into the sprayer required quantity of the drug and after obtaining a homogeneous composition, add water until full. When using herbicide Grenadier with other drugs or surface-active substances, first in the spray tank add the Grenadier, and then all the other components.

Attention! The stirrer should be included during the preparation of the working solution and during spraying.

The benefits of herbicide application Grenadier, VG:

  • Convenient formulation and low rate of consumption of the drug makes it extremely easy to use, transport and storage;
  • A wide spectrum of controlled weeds, especially of cleavers, sow-Thistle, mayweed, wild poppies, etc.;
  • Minimal negative impact on crop plants allows the use of the drug, starting with a 2-3-leaf phase of a culture;
  • The onset of action on the weeds in 2-3 hours after application;
  • Has no restrictions in crop rotation;
  • Compatible with most pesticides;
  • The drug works effectively even at temperatures from +5°C, which significantly increases the period of its use both in autumn and spring.