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The production of information boards and signs

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2018
Seller:Orlov Il'ya Anatol'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih

Information booth remains the best tool communication and communication of necessary information to the maximum number of people. On every production there are stands that perform specific tasks.

Depending on the functions assigned to the booths, they are different their appearance. If the registration information on safety need one design, for bench tasked with - greeting advanced staff is completely different. Therefore, it is important to stand consistent with the set subject.

Workshop Artistic Design has many years of experience in the production of information boards, which allows to ensure maximum quality and comfort, to use our equipment.

 Exclusive design, safety, convenience and long life - key components of our proposal.

Below are the services offered by our company:

• Design registration stands.

- Sketch;

- Selection of materials

and budgeting;

- The Assembly and installation.

• the types of produce stands:

- Advertising stand;

- The exhibition stand;

- Outdoor;

- Suspended;

- Mobile;

- Banner(spiders, roll-up, equally);

- Stationary.

• classification focus:

- Information;

- Training;

- Shopping;

- Demo;

- The corners of the consumer;

- Health and safety;

- Agitation;

- For fire safety;

- For photos;

• A flexible pricing policy.



All design elements and equipment are manufactured in our own technical base, of highly qualified workers with great experience.

Our experts will quickly and efficiently fulfill any of Your orders, prepare cost estimates with all the requirements and provide any information You need.

If You are interested in our offer, please let us know so we can to contact You in the shortest possible time.