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Milking machine Burenka-1 Euro 1500 dry type

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2018
Price:7 950 UAH
Seller:Belousov Evgenij
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Address:Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivs'ka Oblast', Ivano-Frankivs'k
Milking machine Burenka-1 Euro 1500 dry type

Equipment milking machine:
1. Aluminum milking bucket 20 L.
2. Milk hose PVC length 2 m.
3. Gasket lid milking bucket with sealing skirt.
4. Aluminum milking bucket cover.
5. Polypropylene tee and area.
6. Vacuum hose 11х23 length 2 m.
7. Pulsator adjustable in pairs.
8. Vacuum tube 7x14 length 2 m.
9. Pairwise plastic manifold 240 cm3.
10. Rubber liners – 4 PCs.
11. Polypropylene clip – 4 PCs.
12. The vacuum tube is transparent 7x14 length 1 m.
13. Stainless steel milking Cup – 4 PCs.
14. Brushes for washing 1 set (two short and one long).
15. Technical documentation and a passport with a warranty card.
Equipment vacuum systems:
1. Vacuum pump dry rotary type with four graphite plates, and the electric motor with power of 0.55 kW and the number of rotation of 1500 Rev/min Equipped with a button and an electric cable 2 m long with plug with ground.
2. Silencer high efficiency.
3. Metal frame with a retractable handle and a receiver for 3 l
4. Plastic wheel – 2 PCs.,
5. Transparent cover of the receiver with seal – 2 PCs,
6. The vacuum regulator.
7. Vacuum gauge.
8. Area with transparent hose to connect the pump to the receiver.
General characteristics:
Type milking machine: stationary mobile vacuum unit;
Recommended time of continuous work: 120 minutes, rest 40 minutes;
Working temperature: 80-90°C;
Recommended capacity: 10 cows per hour;
Simultaneous milking of 1 cow;
The time of milking one cow: 6-8 minutes;
The milk tank material: aluminium;
Capacity of milk tank: 20 liters;
The teat cups material: stainless steel;
Cover material milky tank: aluminum.
Vacuum pump: dry rotary vane type;
Number of plates: 4 PCs.;
Plate material: graphite;
Electric power: 0.55 kW;
Power supply: single phase AC 220V;
Max vacuum pressure: 0.08 MPa (80 kPa);
The amount of airflow required at idle: 220 l/min (7m3/hour).
Shaft rotation speed: 1500 Rev/min.
Weight and dimensions:
Vacuum installation:
Carton size: 56х39х42 cm;
Weight: 26 kg.
Milking bucket:
Carton size: 30х30х50 cm;
Weight: 7 kg.