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Guillotine shears SteelCut (China)

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2018
Company:TOV 'F.Tehnolodzhi'
Seller:Fariga Dmitro Oleksandrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Hydraulic scissors series SteelCut system control Estun E21's are designed for cutting sheet material, steel plates. This series of guillotine shears can be equipped with as small-scale production, and for cutting medium and large series of products.

Designed for cutting sheet material with thickness from 4 to 40 mm and a length of from 1600 to 8000 mm

Welded construction, held heat treatment and vibrosauna to eliminate internal stress, has high strength and stiffness – guarantee design 10 years;

In a series hydraulic shears SteelCut there is a possibility to optimize the cutting angle and calculate the necessary pressure depending on:

- thickness of the processed material;

- the grade of the processed material;

- the coefficient of resistance material.

In guillotine shears series SteelCut is used only the most reliable options:

· Main motor – Siemens (Germany)

· Hydraulics - Rexroth-BOSCH (Germany)

· O – rings - Parker (USA)/NOK(Japan)

· Frequency Converter Delta (Taiwan)

· Ball screws – H -iwin (Taiwan)

· Foot switch – Kacon (Japan)

· Connecting fittings – EMB (Germany)

· Hydraulic pump – Sunny (USA)

· Electrician – Telemecanique/SCHNEIDER (France/Germany)

Main features:


· Welded steel construction;

· Mobile remote control panel system control E21's, memory up to 40 programs, 25 steps per program (Elgo P40 (Germany), Delem DA310S/360S (Holland) – option);

· Counter function details;

  • Mechanized backgauge, programmable by the controller;

  • Ball screw and polished guides of the backgauge with precision 0,05mm;

  • Rear focus flip;

  • Pressure cylinders with a lining of special material, which does not leave a mark on soft materials such as aluminum;

  • Front sheet support with roller guides and T-shaped grooves;

  • Back and front protection;

  • Table ball guide for easy movement of the sheet;

  • Central lubrication system;

  • Top knives with two cutting edges of the lower blades with four cutting edges, material knives - steel 6CrW2S1;

  • Manual the adjustment of the gap (with other control systems – panel management);

  • Pedal management;

  • Guarantee – 2 years basic components, 10 years on the base frame.

Main technical features:


Ed. izm.

The value

Maximum cutting thickness (450N/mm2)


4 - 40

Maximum cutting length


1600 - 8000

The number of moves


22 - 8

The backgauge range


300 - 1000

The speed of the backgauge



The precision of the backgauge



Front support material


3 - 8

The length of the front supports of the material


600 - 800

Cutting angle



The depth of the cutout in the frame



Front support sheet

mm x -in


Engine power


3 - 45



· Meet the standards safety (2006/42/EC)

- EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013

- EN ISO 12100:2010

- EN 60204-1:2006+A1:2009

· Finger protection (light curtain)

· Foot pedal control Kacon (-4)

· Rear protective fencing standards CE

· Stop guillotine when opening the electrical Cabinet

· Button emergency stop on panel and pedal control.



· System control Elgo P40 (Germany)

· System control CNC Delem DA310S/360S (Holland)

· Pneumatic sheet support

· Front protection for solar cells

· Rear protection solar cells

· Feed front table