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Water meter MeiStream, MeiStream Plus water meter MeiStream Plus water meter, Sensus.

Offer type: salePublished: 15.03.2018
Price:10 980 UAH
Company:TOV 'Tehno-L'
Seller:Anton Semenovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Water meter MeiStream, MeiStream Plus water meter, water meter MeiStream Plus, Sensus.

Turbine flange meters designed to measure the volume of cold (50 °C) potable or technical water DN40...DN300.


MeiStream Plus has the ability to measure ultra-low costs are typical counters metrological class C, it allows you to measure much larger costs in the upper range of measurements than the existing single industrial counters. In addition, these properties are complemented by a very small pressure loss and low sensitivity to impurities in the water.


- Significant economic the effect is achieved through more accurate measurement at low flow rates;

Removable measuring capsule compatible with the housings of previous models meter series Sensus/Meinecke WP Dynamic or standard body MeiStream (in the case modernization with at MeiStream MeiStream Plus);

- High sensitivity in low cost allows use of smaller sizes of meters, that reduces capital costs;

- Has the ability to connection to the transmission systems of reading (AMR):

- M-Bus and standard pulse output;

Sealing and counting the mechanism (copper/glass) has degree of protection IP 68;

Installation in horizontal the pipeline


The Manufacturer In Germany. No. State Register У2668-14. Calibration interval - 4 year.

PN16. DN40-300 Tmax 50 °C. Tmin 5 °C.