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Ring 204М25.01.00.002, Ring 2ВМ4-24/9C

Offer type: salePublished: 02.04.2018
Company:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ'
Seller:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ' Kristina Aleksandrovna
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Address:Vinnytsya, Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast'
Ring 204М25.01.00.002, Ring 2ВМ4-24/9C

ring 204М25.01.00.002
ring piston sealing 204М25.01.00.002
the sealing piston ring 204М25.01.00.002
PTFE piston rings 204М25.01.00.002
seal PTFE piston ring compressor 204М25.01.00.002 - detail
piston, designed to reduce the friction of the piston and cylinder sleeve, removal
grease cylinder
ring 204М25.01.00.002 for piston compressor 2ВМ4 WITH
PTFE piston ring 204М25.01.00.002 for compressor 2ГМ4 WITH
ring piston sealing 204М25.01.00.002 for reciprocating compressors WITH 2СНМ4