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ring piston sealing 1 tbsp. 204М25.01.00.002-01

Offer type: salePublished: 06.04.2018
Company:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ'
Seller:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ' Kristina Aleksandrovna
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Address:Vinnytsya, Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast'

Ring 204М25.01.00.002-01

ring 204М25.01.00.002-01
ring piston sealing 204М25.01.00.002-01
the sealing piston ring 204М25.01.00.002-01
PTFE piston rings 204М25.01.00.002-01
seal PTFE piston ring compressor 204М25.01.00.002-01 - detail
piston, designed to reduce the friction of the piston and cylinder sleeve, removal
grease cylinder
ring 204М25.01.00.002-01 for a piston compressor WITH 2ВМ4
PTFE piston ring 204М25.01.00.002-01 for compressor 2ГМ4 WITH
ring piston sealing 204М25.01.00.002-01 for reciprocating compressors WITH 2СНМ4