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Scrubber machine operator Nilfisk BR 601

Offer type: salePublished: 15.03.2018
Price:9 999 EUR
Seller:Sibenko Vlad
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

Compact and manoeuvrable for fast cleaning cluttered spaces

Nilfisk BR 601/651/751/751C is a professional floor cleaning machine with the operator that cover the entire spectrum of commercial cleaning is the floor. The best choice when you need to wash a large area and the necessary maneuverability to avoid furniture, eg. shelves, racks, etc.

This series offers a large selection of models, with widths of 61/66 to 71 cm, with interchangeable disc and cylindrical decks. This versatility ensures efficient cleaning as the machine readily can be adapted for the specific task. Machine series NIlfisk BR 601 is designed for continuous operation. System EDS — allows 20 times to fill the tank with water (75 l) to 1 changing the cartridge with a concentrated chemistry. Operation ECO Solution reduces water consumption by 50%, only 1 litre of water is required for cleaning of 56 sq m. the Nilfisk BR 601 is a compact scrubber with a seat for the operator, with an ergonomic design and easy to operate. The security system includes automatic speed reduction on turns, automatic braking with poor grip. Moreover, the system ECO Solution (water econimy and chemistry), along with tanks for water for 75 liters, will ensure the economical use of water in the cleaning process.

  • Compact: machine width of only 57 cm
  • Adjustable steering wheel and an aid to the operator, such as a water level indicator on the dashboard.
  • Select the deck for their needs (soundboard interchangeable): width of the cleaned strip 61, 66 or 71 cm, disc or cylindrical deck.
  • Automatic speed reduction on turns, and automatic braking system when lack of traction also ensures safety.