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Production of roll-formed profiles. Bent profile.

Offer type: salePublished: 19.04.2018
Price:10 UAH
Seller:||| Yaroslav
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
The company supplies more than 600 sizes high quality of the bent profile complex cross-sectional shape with thickness from 1 to 8mm for various purposes.
Profile U-shaped
Profile L-shaped
Profile shaped
Bent Σ profile
Bent Z-shaped profile
Vicious bent profile
Special bent profile
Profile for solar modules
Curved profile guardrails
Sortovyy bent profile
Curved profile for modular racks
Roofing profile
Designs for solar power plants
Curved profiles are made of steel:
quality carbon grades CT0,CT1, KP,PS,SP; St2kp, PS, SP; STZ KP, PS, SP GOST 380-94;
quality structural steel grades 08KP, PS; 10kp, PS;15kp, PS; 20kp, PS according to GOST 1050-88;
low alloy steel grades 09Г2, 09G2D according to GOST 19281-89, GOST 17066-80;
stainless — brand 10Х13Г18ДУ (do 61У) TU 14-15-315-93
If You need profiles of other sizes and configurations, or of other material, we are ready to develop together with You the optimal design.
Curved profile of our company can be supplied in any desired quantities - carriage, and small parties.
Work with customer-furnished raw materials.
Working with well-known companies, small companies, private entrepreneurs and so jefis persons.
Will help with logistics, participate in the tender, installation.
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