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Repair compressor 205ВП-12/220

Offer type: salePublished: 14.03.2018
Company:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ'
Seller:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ' Kristina Aleksandrovna
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Address:Ukraine, Vinnytsia Oblast', Vinnytsya
Repair compressor 205ВП-12/220
Drawing number: TP-SR-CU-205ВП-12/220 Parameters: current,average,major

repair compressor 205ВП-12/220ремонт piston air compressors 205ВП-12/220
current repair of reciprocating compressors 205ВП-12/220
repairs every 2500-3000 hours worked:
inspection, cleaning of carbon, rinsing, blowing, drying - working valves
check, if necessary replace elements of the gland seals
flushing of the lubricator and oil filters
purging of the lubrication system
check all threaded connections compressor
to check the mirror of the cylinders via the valve window
to clean, rinse, dry and lubricate cell air filter
check gaps, if necessary, the adjustment between the shoes
(slide) and crosshead guides of the frame
testing, adjustment linear dead spaces of the cylinder group
inspection, adjustment of safety valves
changing the oil in the lubrication system crank mechanism
check, if necessary replace piston rings
clearance verification, if necessary, replacement, between the needles of bearing
finger cross
checking clearances connecting rod
check the connecting rod bolts to measure the elongation
check and, if necessary, replace the crankshaft bearing
check devices of emergency protection
medium repair of air compressors 205ВП-12/220
conducting average repair every 5000-6000 hours worked:
the complete sequence of the current fixation with the addition of works
checking the technical condition with the definition of performance and
the power consumption of the compressor
complete disassembly of the compressor
inspection, cleaning of carbon, rinsing, blowing, drying, lids, lights, cylinders,
pistons, gas communications
cleaning, rinsing, water shirts cylinders
cleaning, rinsing, water shirts refrigerators (condenser)
cleaning, flushing or replacement of pipes finned aluminum
checking wear and replacement of parts, Assembly units
exchange of valves
inspection and replacement of elements of the gland
check and replace shoes (slides) crosshead
check and replace fingers cross
inspection, replacement of pistons, piston rings, rods
inspection, replacement bearing upper connecting rod
inspection, replacement liners-connecting rod
inspection, replacement connecting rod bolts
inspection, replacement crankshaft bearings
overhaul of reciprocating compressors air 205ВП-12/220
overhaul every 20000-24000 hours worked:
repair of the compressor at the location of the Customer
repair of the compressor on the premises of the Contractor
price: the degree of difficulty of repair and the number castelseprio spare parts for air, gas, hydrogen, reciprocating compressors, on the basis of 5Пзапчасти for air compressors, piston 205ВП-12/220