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Tractor Dongfeng-404С (Dongfeng-404C) with updated cabin

Offer type: продамPublished: 27.03.2023
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Address:Hlevakha, Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine
Tractor Dongfeng-404С (Dongfeng-404C) with the updated cabin.
Delivery throughout Ukraine. Work without payment.

One of the leaders of the model range of tractors four-wheel drive company of Dongfeng DF-404С with the updated cab provides reliable improved performance. The tractor is equipped with a powerful 4-cylinder diesel ZN490BT (40 HP), power steering, double disc clutch modern, heated cabin, has a complete set of front and rear working lights.

Front axle gantry type (with side gears), which provides better traction of the tractor, increasing the clearance, reducing the size of the crankcase the main transfer. The front axle is connected by a mechanical linkage. The hood can be easily lifted with the help of shock absorbers. Conveniently located hole on the hood provides access to the fuel filler. The inertial air filter-oil type. Manual gas. The operating hours counter.

Reliability service life, high degree of permeability, and the conditions to facilitate control of the tractor provide:

differential lock rear axle;
front cargo;
front tow hitch;
pendular rear tow hitch with adjustable height and length;
powerful linkage and tension spring longitudinal rods;
two hydraulic pumps;
spacer for mounting front loader;
separate brake pedal and Parking brake;
demountable rear wheels;
2-speed PTO;
a hydraulic lifting system;
handle off weight;
glow plug.

The heated cabin has a good all-round visibility. A large degree of glazing and the presence of the bottom of the cabin observation Windows allows you to confidently control performance of the work. Rear and side Windows open. Two-speed heating system and ventilation built into the ceiling. To improve the microclimate in the cabin of a revolving fan with a metal screen, there are 2 interior light. The cabin is equipped with electric windshield wiper.

The operator has a comfortable seat with adjustment for height, installed handrails and grab irons, rubber mats and a wide foot pegs. Ergonomically positioned controls and instrument panel (ammeter, gauges oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level) to control all the necessary parameters for safe operation, including indicators of the alarm system.

Details practical modern design (increased stylish lights, front and rear working lights, lenses middle light, spherical mirrors, dimensions and overlapping turns) ensure the effective distribution and create additional conditions for comfort and control tractor.

Engine model ZN490BT
Wheel formula 4x4, plug-front axle
Power, HP/kW 40/29.4
Number of cylinders 4
Working volume, cm3 2543
Fuel type diesel
Engine cooling liquid
Type air filter of the inertial-oil
Glow plug is
The number of gears in the transmission (4+1)x2, manual
Type clutch disc
Weight, kg 1660
Front/rear cargo, kg 120/no
Nominal tractive force, kN 7,96
The capacity of the sample, kg 665
Maximum speed, km/h 1,75-32,20
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3460/1490/2350
Wheelbase, mm 1818
Front wheels track, mm 1200
Rear track, mm 1100-1500
Ground clearance, mm 378
Differential lock is
The size of the front tires 7.5-16
The size of the rear tyres 12.4-24
Servo hydraulic
Number of pumps 2
The Parking brake is
PTO, rotation speed, Rev/min 540/1000
Fuel tank capacity, l 28
Protection against accidental start-up is.

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