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Cable for coil metal detector

Offer type: salePublished: 11.03.2018
Price:60 UAH
Seller:Amadeus Andrij
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

High quality cable for making the sensors of metal detectors.
This cable is an analogue cable TRONIC 2-CY 4x0,25 but unlike the latter has several advantages such as: high flexibility, improved resistance to low temperatures (cable not dubeet in the cold) and of course price!
Today one of the best on the Ukrainian market of cables for the manufacture of sensors of the detectors. Cable diameter 6,5 mm. it can be used with cable glands PG-7R.
Design cable: 4x0,25 - 2 conductors 0.25 (TX) + 2 adelineilydiaade strands of 0.25 (for RX)
It is also possible to connect the data cable according to this scheme: for TX and RX used a shielded conductor (plus mine, minus the braid) and two unshielded conductors for the screen coil or to the control signal for multi-frequency sensors.
This cable is suitable for repair of most brand sensors and detectors for the manufacture of coils (sensors) to the metal detectors "quasar", "Fortuna", etc.
Ideal for the manufacture of a dual-frequency transducer for a New detector, "Fortuna 2" Details: