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Saw sharpening with tipped, HSS, all milling cutters, planing machines, guillotine knives

Offer type: salePublished: 08.03.2018
Company:OOO 'Kami-7'
Seller:Stepko Aleksandr
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
SERVICE CENTER in Zaporozhye (Top, 9) + shipment to Ukraine.
Sharpening circular saws with carbide-tipped diameter from 80 mm to 600 mm.

SHARPENING of circular saw blades FOR chipboard - 0,9 UAH./tooth, for WOOD, carbide tipped - 1,0 - 2,50 UAH./tooth
RESTORATION of HSS and friction SAWS FOR METAL of 1.32 UAH./tooth.

Our fleet of grinding machines CNC allows you to perform sharpening saws with any configuration of the teeth (straight, trapezoidal, beveled alternately and in any order) and with any angle of attack (positive, negative);
Exclusive form of teeths of saws for aluminium profiles, tubes and profiles, stainless steel, etc.

SHARPENING the PLANER KNIVES (jointer, thicknesser)
1,1 UAH./cm
Our service center is equipped with an automatic Italian equipment OSAMA, which makes it possible to completely restore the cutting properties of the knives. Grinding unit in automatic mode, is moved along a knife, evenly taking off exactly the specified layer. The sharpening precision is 0.01 mm.
ANY SHARPENING ENDMILLS AND SHELL MILLS on the specialized equipment with professional accessories
SHARPENING DRILL bits (for chipboard, wood, metal)

Zaporozhye, the recipient: LLC "Kami-7", 0676184408
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