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Box distribution, management, comutational

Offer type: salePublished: 12.04.2019
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
KOEMZ sells:
Box comutational YAK-24513241.
Box comutational YAK-3251423.
Box distribution ЯВШ2-25У2 380V 25A.
Box distribution ЯВШ3-25У2 380V 25A.
Box distribution ЯВШ3х63.
The control box I-5124-1874 NF4 0.6 A 220V.
The control box I-5124-4A 2674 UHL4 220V.
Management mailbox YAU-5102 0.6 A 220V.
Management mailbox YAU-5102 1.6 A 220V.
The control Cabinet CC-5101-1В2Ж 40A.
The control Cabinet CC-5101-23В2А 50A.
The control Cabinet CC-5102-23, 2V 80A.
The control Cabinet CC-5103-03ВИ 25A.
The control Cabinet CC-5104-03В21И of 6.3 A.
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