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Unit BRU-42, block manual control series, BRU-42.

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The assignment of blocks of manual control series, BRU-42, BRU-32 and BRU-22 is to use them in all types and styles of automated control systems for all kinds of technological processes (APCS). In addition they are used for switching and control circuits, control actuators, position indication in circuits.

Blocks manual control of these series are manufactured in accordance with TU 4218-004-54079067-2004.

Resistance to atmospheric phenomena and external factors of the blocks is determined by the user — UHL 4.2 or O4.1.

The blocks are operated in the conditions specified in the attached instructions.

Operating parameters of the starter for the execution type is UHL 4.2 UHL 4.2 O4.1 at a temperature K (°C) ...323 278 K (+5...+50°C) ...323 278 K (+5...+50°C) when the relative humidity value, %
when temperature, °C 30...80
298 (+25) 30...80
298 (+25) the value of vibration frequency, Hz
amplitude, mm up to 25
to 0.1 up to 25
to 0.1 Magnetic fields DC or AC values at 50 Hz, A/m up to 400 up to 400 Technical characteristics and General data
  1. Blocks are used to perform the following functions:
    The cells is available Function BRU-22 — characterized by manual or remote switching of control circuits in two positions;
    — has a light indication circuits;
    — manages the Executive (working) mechanisms. BRU-32 — has the switch of manual type with automatic control to manual mode and Vice versa;
    — equipped with push-button control integrating workers (Executive) mechanisms;
    — equipped with a system of light indication output signal of the adjustment device with the output pulse signal;
    — specifies all the provisions of the (interim) regulatory bodies. BRU-42 — equipped with devices for manual or remote switching variant with an automatic control method to manual mode, and on the contrary;
    — has control of the buttons integrating the Executive (working) mechanisms;
    — equipped with led indication modes from any office, and weekends signal regulating device having pulse output signal;
    — the function of determining the positions of the regulatory authorities.
  2. They are characterized by the switching capability of groups that have the switching function of the relay contacts and push buttons, functioning in the mode of active loads:
    • DC current not exceeding 0,25 A when voltage mode up to 34V;
    • AC, not exceeding 0,25 A mode voltages up to 220V.
  3. The indicator is an arrow type indicates the input signals of the blocks:
    The cells is available Execution according to climate The signal input species a dial indicator Change intervals The resistance of the input plan BRU-32 -00; -02; -06 UHL, export Current
    Voltage 0-5 mA
    0-10 V ≤500Ω
    ≥10kΩ BRU-32 -01; -07 O BRU-42 -00; -02; -06 UHL, export BRU-42 -01; -07 O BRU-32 -03; -05; -08 UHL, export Current 4-20 mA ≤200Ω BRU-32 -04; -09 O BRU-42 -03; -05; -08 UHL, export BRU-42 -04; -09 O
  4. The power supply unit is AC single-phase current at a voltage of 24V with a possible deviation...-3,6+2,4 with the frequency of 50/60 Hz.
  5. An electric power source unit can be starters with 2 half-cycle rectified voltage source, the average value of which is equal to 24V at a current of 100 mA.
  6. The value of the power consumed by the blocks, does not exceed 2,5 V. A.
  7. The main parameters of all indicators when voltage is DC 24V, current up to 10 mA.
  8. Mass:
    — BRU-22 to 0.5 kg;
    — BRU 32 0.7 kg;
    BRU-42 and 0.8 kg.
  9. The average time of operation before the write-off unit — 10 years.