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Pump Pedrollo

Offer type: salePublished: 06.03.2018
Company:Energeticheskie sistemyi i tehnologii
Seller:Svyatoslav Rumyantsev
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Pedrollo is an Italian company founded in 1974 and which is one of Europe's most famous manufacturers pumping equipment. The history of the brand started from a small manufactory, open Silvano Pedrollo with the support of Dubai investors. Starting with the Assembly of pumping devices for rural services the company gradually expanded its product range, started producing automatic stations for pumping of the liquid, and also pumps, drainage, vortex, centrifugal and other types of pumps. Today the Italian company produces more than 2 million units of products per year that have successfully sold in 160 countries, including Ukraine.

The successful development and high volumes of products of the brand Pedrollo due to the presence of their own Department research and development of new technologies in their field activities. These technologies and other modern technical decisions are regularly incorporated into the production process of Italian of the company. This approach allows her to produce more than 100 kinds pumps Pedrollo, which can also be custom-made. On the factories of the company implemented a multistage monitoring system, it allows to produce equipment in accordance with the world standards. The high quality of the entire range of its products confirmed by the certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, and various awards and prizes.

Pumps and pump stations Pedrollo find application in everyday life agriculture, housing and manufacturing sectors. They are distinguished by reliability, durability and efficiency of its work. Large range of pumps Pedrollo allows you to choose a necessary device for water systems, heating and sanitation. These issues are particularly relevant for country houses and cottages. Pumping equipment Pedrollo has a number of important advantages: – durable and resistant to corrosion the materials of their structural elements, conformity to the world standards of electrical safety, low power consumption, and high performance. Thanks to all of the above, these devices are excellent choice in terms the price-quality.

Andsortiment the company has several types of pump equipment:

centrifugal vortex

- centrifugal self-priming

- multistage horizontal

- multi-stage vertical

- slit pumps

- submersible drainage pumps

- submersible pumps for dirty water

- submersible pumps for sewage waste

- submersible pumps for sewage

- drainage pumps with macerator

pumping station

- pumping station for wastewater