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Functional milking machine for cows Cow-1

Offer type: salePublished: 06.03.2018
Price:6 200 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
We offer to Your attention the Milking machine "Burenka-1 standard 3000, which is used in a domestic environment for cows in the amount of 1-5. Package contents: vacuum unit dry rotor type at 3000 rpm; import aluminium milk cans in 20L; - durable polypropylene buckets; - polypropylene cover; - standard manifold 140 cm2. Main features: - stationary type with movable vacuum Assembly; - continuous work 60 minutes and rest 40 minutes; - the temperature of the pump during operation of 80-90°C; performance 5 cows; - both can be milked 1корову; - milking one cow 6-8 minutes; - aluminum milk tank 20L; - polypropylene teat cups and tank cover. Technical indicators: - type vacuum pump dry rotary vane; - 2 plates; - plates are made of graphite; power 0.75 kW; - single phase AC 220V; - maximum vacuum pressure: 0.06 MPa (60 kPa); - 220 l/min (7m3/h) – the amount of airflow required at idle; - the shaft rotates at a speed of 3000 rpm. Weight and dimensions: - vacuum unit carton size: 56х39х42 cm and a weight of 23 kg; milking bucket carton size 30х30х50 cm and weight 7 kg; - the country-manufacturer Ukraine; manufacturer of Cow. Learn more about ordering, payment and shipping You can find on our official website. Tel.: (063) 217-58-80, (099) 603-91-05, (098) 210-46-90. Andrew. Additional information on the website