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Design, Fabrication and Installation of Truck electric lifts under the order g/p to 6300 kg. Manufacture of lifts.

Offer type: salePublished: 18.09.2019
Company:OOO UKRMETPROMTEH. Rabotaem po vsej Ukraine!
Seller:Zablotskaya Svetlana Nikolaevna
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine


Lift electric truck suitable for lifting and lowering the bagged goods weighing from 40 to 6300кг, between two floors or more – up to 24 stops a height of 80 meters, inclusive. Managing external lift without Explorer.

                    Technical characteristics of the lift.

1.Type of lift – lift cargo PG;

2.Payload, kg – stated in the passport the range from 40 to 6300;

3.Lifting height, mm - is specified in the passport, up to 80,000 inclusive

4.The speed of movement of the platform, m/sec 0.07 to 1.0 inclusive;

5.Overall platform dimensions, mm:

the width is specified in the passport, in the range from 500 to 6000 inclusive

the depth is specified in the passport, in the range from 500 to 6000 inclusive

6. The number of stops, pieces - 24

7.The place of installation of the lift

Inside or outside of buildings, depending on climatic performance

8.A catcher, platform – wedge, stiff action;

The catcher operate using mechanical connection with the cargo rope;

9. Drives:

Winch, type Cable drum or Cable –traction

Telpher (Tal), the type of Cable drum

Worm reducer, Gear

10.Place possible installation of a winch

– in the engine room above the shaft;

– on the ramp rails;

– in the pit under the lift platform;

– on the floor stop outside the mine

11.Brake – normally closed type

12.Electric – asynchronous three-phase AC

13.Power the winch drive, kW from 0.75 to 50.0

14.Working voltage, V ~ (220, 380) ± 10%;

15.Nominal frequency, Hz - 50 ± 1%;

16.Management lift – external push-button

17.Place installation of control panels – storey sites

18.Door fencing hinged single or double leaf with electrical lock the lock is opened manually at each stop

19.Stop platform at floor level ± 50mm

20.Mine – deaf (concrete, brick), metal frame, without mine

21.Materials external covering of the mine: a Corrugated sheet , a mesh, or materials customer

Lifts: mine, lifts for industrial plants, lifts-elevators for warehouses, cantilever lifts, lifts-elevators service kitchen and restaurant.
The client sends his TK or encouraged to complete the questionnaire on the basis of which calculation of the structure and the cost of the lift.
Term of manufacturing and installation of one lift – from 25 to 35 working days.
Manufacturer of lift from receipt of 75 % Deposit of the total amount. The final payment in the amount of 25% of the actual date of the installation will be completed within 3 (three) banking days, after signing the act of executed works.
The advantages of the lift:
1.Lower price ski lift relative to the lift.
2.Simplicity in maintenance.
3.The possibility of installing a lift of any size inside the building or outside, as in the dead of the mine and erected the frame.
4.Reliable and high-quality turnkey installation.