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The flush bolts GOST 7786-81 plow and agricultural equipment

Offer type: salePublished: 03.03.2018
Price:138 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Bolt galvanized GOST 7786-81 with countersunk head and a square headrest. Bolt GOST 7786 share with countersunk head and a square headrest is used for mounting the plow blade, the hinged equipment for agricultural machinery, for agricultural machinery. Range bolt size: bolt M6 bolt M8 bolt M10 bolt M12 bolt M16 bolt M20 bolt M24, M27 bolt, bolt M30. Supply wire GOST 3282, 7372, 9389, welding wire, barbed wire, welded mesh, wicker, woven, stainless, TSPVS, ropes GOST 2688, GOST 7668, 7669 GOST, GOST 3062, GOST 13840, etc., hardware, electrodes, slings, nails.