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Solid fuel boiler 35kW ЭТМ35 (straw pellet)

Offer type: salePublished: 03.03.2018
Price:4 100 UAH
Company:OOO "Ukr-Pak"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Bila Tserkva

Automatic boiler for any fuel, for straw pellets. Consists of special furnace design, heat exchanger, fuel hopper of pellets. All the units are made of heat-resistant stainless steel. The flow of pellets into the furnace and the removal of ash is performed by mechanical augers, and gear reducers. The heat exchanger has an extensive system of heat removal with automatic a soot removal device.

The furnace is a cylinder with a rotating activator. It allows to burn slag-forming agroperlite. Submission fuel pagig, combustion control, and ash removal solid fuel fired boilers ETM be performed automatically. The whole process is controlled by industrial controller, which allows you to operate the boiler without human intervention for several days. As a rule, the volume of fuel hopper lasts for 2-3 days.
Additionally you can also install:

- Boiler for heating water.

- Main hopper with pellets volume heating season.

- Seriological with gravimetric filter.

Solid pellet boiler ETM equipped with GSM modules for remote control via mobile phone or the Internet.

Able to work on any kind of solid fuel:

coal hard;

- pellets from coal dust;

- chips;

- husks;

- torfowiska;

- large chips;

- wood pellets;

- agro straw pellets;

- peat pellets.

The ETM boiler operating on straw pellet can reduce your heating costs up to 4 times compared to using gas equipment.


Used by:

- the boiler
- in educational institutions
in food service establishments
- in medical institutions
- in kindergartens
- in the temples
- factories
- enterprises
- factories


Key features and ROI:

Name boiler


Power, kW min/max


Efficiency, %


Heated area, m2 *


Capacity fuel tank dm3 (l)


DSV, m




Surface heating, m2


Nominal power consumption kW 220V


The cost 1 kWh of heat obtained from natural gas without impurities $


The cost 1 kWh of heat obtained from straw pellets $


Economy the effect upon heat production of straw pellets to the gas %



OOO Ukr-Pak manufactures boilers from 35 to 5000 kW
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