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A cross laser device CompactPlane-Laser 3D.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2017
Price:11 136 UAH
Seller:Mihlik Denis Stanislavovich
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk
A cross laser device CompactPlane-Laser 3D.

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Official 24 - month warranty from the manufacturer;
- The product is certified in Ukraine;
- User manual in Russian.


Also features:
Digital electronic levels, laser levels;
- Laser level, levels;
- Laser range finders (roulettes);
- Metal detectors and scanners flush;
- Multimeters and instruments for measuring voltage;
- Infrared thermometers, Pyrometers;
The optical levels;
- Tripods, holders and tripod for levels.


A cross laser device CompactPlane-Laser 3D.
Automatic, self-leveled with the help of the pendulum.
1 laser diode with 3 cones projecting a solid, mutually-perpendicular plane 360.
Outside the body of the prism as close as possible allow the device to be installed to existing walls.
Perfect to lay under the drywall system when facing the old walls.
The function of locking the pendulum with a working diode enables the projection of inclined planes.
The use of the device.
Accuracy: 3.5 mm / 10m
Leveling: ± 3,5°
The range of laser beam: up to 15m
The length of the laser beam: 650 nm
Laser class: 2M / 1 nW
Power supply: 4 batteries 1,5 V type AA
Degree of protection (ingress protection): IP 54
Operating temperature: 0°C ... + 50°C
Universal holder
Carrying case
The user manual
Passport calibration


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