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Kaprolon (polyamide) 50mm , length 1000mm

Offer type: salePublished: 07.04.2021
Company:Silver, OOO
Seller:firma Silver
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Address:Rivnens'ka Oblast', Rivne, Ukraine
Kaprolon (polyamide) 50mm , length 1000mm
Kaprolon successfully replaces metals, while it is 6 to 7 times lighter than steel. It makes made of caprolon products easier, and its low coefficient of friction and resistance to abrasives, can increase the service life of the item 2 times.

Its strength is realized in the manufacture of kaprolon cutting boards for the meat industry.

The durability of kaprolon is used in the manufacture of augers for removing ash and dust, is characterized by its abrasiveness. Also caprolon is used for production of screws for other purposes, such as in agriculture for feeding.

Made of kaprolon bearings fungal shafts for vehicles, bearings for various pumps. Nylon bearings are resistant to corrosion, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and the effect of self-lubrication.

Kaprolon is used for making gears, sprockets, lionfish and blades of pumps, several blocks, rollers, conveyor belts, etc.