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Hotech designer radiators (Italy)

Offer type: salePublished: 06.03.2019
Company:Style Radiators
Seller:Derizemlya Oksana
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Address:L'vivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
Radiators and towel rails Hotech is not just devices for heating, it is a work of art, ready to become the highlight and main focus in interior design.
The design of the collection is so varied that you can pick up a radiator for any style of interior.
Italian company Hotech demonstrated a creative approach to the development of radiators, creating a design that can become the highlight or the main focus of the interior. Hotech radiators so unusual that not everyone learns in the decor element of the heating device. For example, in the line represented in the form of the human body, a question mark, blobs, patterns, reminiscent of the paintings of Magritte, Klimt and other prominent artists of the Surrealists.